Grow with horses

about : Grow is about self-discovery and self-mastery. Awareness of the possibilities of change can transform your potential. New attitudes and skills can empower you to make confident, considered decisions. By taking control of challenging situations in your personal and professional life, you can lead yourself to greater freedom.


At Grow, you will learn through working with horses, under the supervision of qualified coaches.


why horses? Horses have an amazing ability to pick up on our true emotions and reflect our authentic selves back at us. Their behaviour towards us helps us uncover and understand the dynamics of our social interactions, our personal bounderies and our communication style.

eliane bernard: International Coach and certified professional EFLC Instructor, managing director “educational space”, founder and creator of GROW WITH HORSES© programs.

Freedom is not about money, power or status quo; it’s about inner peace and self-mastery. The feeling of freedom is beyond value. But the secret is not to find it; it is to create it. If you have ever felt forced into a mould by your social circumstances, or if you feel like you sometimes have to wear a mask that hides your true self, you are not alone. I want to help you to make yourself the person you always wanted to be. My passion is to guide you on the same journey that I took myself: to move towards a more fulfilling life.



Do you…

  • … believe that you have untapped potential?
  • … feel an inner desire for personal growth?
  • … accept that you are responsible for creating the outcomes you seek?
  • … know that if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you?
  • … want to get out your comfort zone and move forwards?
Time to grow

If so, it’s time to Grow.


With our support, you’ll learn to define and reach your objectives. Where are you now? And where do you want to go?


Don’t accept unhappiness. If you feel trapped in a dead end, with all exits closed off, it may be a sign that you have wandered from your true path. Coaching can lead you to a stronger self and a more fulfilling future.


You may not be able to completely change your environment, but you can choose how you want to live within it. Grow will help you develop the attributes and attitude you need to navigate to your new destination.

Meet Eliane Bernard


Eliane Bernard is a certified international coach and an approved EFLC instructor in equine-facilitated learning and coaching. In addition to eight years of professional experience as a senior manager in social services and non-profits, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in sociology specialization social psychology, a Master’s degree in coaching and another in tertiary sector management, specializing in health. She is multilingual and speaks German, English, French, Spanish and Luxembourgish.


Eliane subscribes to the code of ethics and competencies of the International Coaching Federation.


“As an owner of four horses, and with more than 35 years of experience interacting with horses in their natural environment, I recognized how much horses can help us to become more emotionally, physically and mentally aware both of ourselves and of the way we interact with the world. Horses lead us to our true essence.


Living and observing day to day moments with my horses is the best continued learning experience I could wish for. True and effective work with horses is not achieved through domination, but through authentic communication.


My own personal development has provided me with a better understanding of myself. It ensures that I can always offer the best possible performance during coaching. My dedication to continuous education keeps me up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, while my strong belief in the personal development process constantly exposes me to new ways of thinking.


My passion is to help you in your own journey towards a more fulfilling life.”

Coaching with horses
Grow with horses



Approved instructor in equine facilitated learning and coaching
“EFLC, Mind Body Method and Integrative Riding,” using the Epona approach for equine facilitated learning by Linda Kohanov with Kathy Pike (Holland and Germany, 240 hours)


Masters degree in structural coaching
Process of personal growth and learning. Coaching skills, techniques and philosophy. Emotional, mental, linguistic and energy-related aspects.
DCT centre with Miguel Cortès (Barcelona, 230 hours)


Masters degree in managing and directing tertiary sector companies
IUIL, International University Institute of Luxembourg  (250 hours)


BA in human sciences; Sociology Social Psychology

HS University Marc Bloch of Strasbourg & Paul Valéry III of Montpellier (France)

Train the Trainer
Equine facilitated education (Germany)
EAHEA international, qualified member of horse assisted education programs


Identity Coaching seminar for practitioners
Coaching with the help of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) techniques
Institut Gestalt, Robert Dilts and Deborah Bacon (Barcelona)


The Laws of Leadership and Success in Organizations workshop
The science of family constellations and group movements
Institut Gestalt, Bert and Sophie Hellinger (Barcelona)


Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself  progressive workshop
Institut Gestalt, 2 levels, Joe Dispenza (Barcelona)