Edition number 10 for the IMD Leadership program, June 2016.

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“I consider myself lucky for being able to go for the first time thought this experience. Clearly, this experience would have been very different without such a professional, sensitive, rich, deep, emotionally intelligent coach as Eliane. Again, I was pleasantly surprised by a great team work delivered by both, Eliane and Janet. Only this made the whole experience invaluable. Coaching with Horses was one of the highlights of the program for me. It helped to put in words my most complicated personal leadership challenges and to leave them behind. Amazing experience. Amazing Eliane!”

Valeria Pavlyukovskaya, Partner Russia&CIS with IMD, #1 Worldwide in Executive Education, Executive MBA Program Manager IMD

“This experience was amazing and Eliane’s personality, support contributed to a very large part to this outcome”

Valerie Chere, Counsellor to the Executive Director, OECD – ORGANISATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION & DEVELOPMENT

The program is now running for the 10th time and stays successful with its own “very special magic”.

We had 24 high executive participants versus 40 this time. In smaller groups it nearly feels like family, a very rich experience!

So glad we had the chance to start these workshops in 2011 and to convince people from high executive education schools through showing and sharing our work, how powerful the interaction with the horses can be in any leadership program.

I feel very grateful to be a part of this whole adventure!