Coaching and training with horses

No prior knowledge of horses or horse-riding is required. The exercises are done on foot, either in a paddock, a pen or an indoor arena and always in the presence of a qualified trainer who also facilitates your personal development.


The size of the support team depends on the number of course participants, in order to guarantee their safety at all times and ensure optimal results. The horses are individually selected for each person to ensure maximum compatibility.

Coach with horses
Coaching with horses - Grow
Grow Coaching with horses

Executive leadership development “Conscious Leader Attitude”


For: Heads of organizations, corporate managers, entrepreneurs, people who aspire to be better leaders.


Are you a true leader?
A person people want to follow?
To become a true leader, you must embrace truth. You must embody confidence, trust and inner peace. You must be aware of your own limiting beliefs, and manage your emotions to project calmness in stressful situations. You need a clear vision, and the ability to communicate it without appearing domineering or manipulative.


And you need the courage to speak the truth; what has to be said is not usually what people want to hear.


All of this can be learned. The Conscious Leader Attitude seminars are a powerful tool to help you fulfil your leadership potential.

Horses give feedback about your:

  • communication and energy
  • trust and confidence level
  • focus and direction
  • respect and boundaries
  • presence and body language

Leaders learn:

  • to face and manage fear
  • to adapt leadership styles to differing situations
  • to set clear boundaries
  • to quickly move from conflict to resolution
  • to manage impulsive behaviour
  • to manage emotionally charged situations
  • to inspire trust in teams
  • to clearly communicate goals
  • to question assumptions and take a holistic view
  • to identify limiting beliefs or patterns

Corporate teambuilding “Team Energy Horse”


For: Management teams, departmental or cross-departmental teams, Human Resources personnel, boards of directors, project coordinators, company employees.



Is your team more than the sum of its individual members?
Or is the energy of your hard work lost through friction and inefficiency?
An effective team has the capability to create something that one individual cannot. Team members are interdependent and rely on the diversity of the group. Each member feels that their work is fulfilling and that the work of the others has meaning for them. Their talents are diverse but they share the same vision, mission and values.


Team Energy Horse can help harness the talents of your team.


Team Benefits:

  • increased productivity
  • greater creativity
  • more job satisfaction
  • contagious enthusiasm
  • identification of talents
  • development of different leadership styles
  • increased appetite to face challenges
  • more authentic communication
  • courage to leave comfort zone
  • better working relationships – and better results

Inner growth “Free Spirits”


For: Individuals on a path to a more fulfilling life


Do you want to learn more about yourself?
Are you searching for greater balance in your life?


Are you driven by the desire for well-being – mental, physical and spiritual?


Free Spirits group seminars can help you:

  • become aware of your emotions and learn to manage them
  • improve relationships with your family, your friends, your life … and yourself
  • connect to the present moment and your true self
  • stimulate your natural creativity
  • listen to your inner voice
  • learn to establish personal boundaries
Live coaching
Educational support

Educational support


For: Organizations that work with adults or adolescents who are going through difficult life changes


These seminars or group sessions support you by helping your clients:

  • gain awareness of themselves and their circumstances
  • manage their emotional state
  • discover the meaning of their lives and their passions
  • develop autonomy
  • learn respect, confidence and a sense of responsibility
  • manage conflicts in life

For: Therapists, coaches, educators, psychologists or other individuals who work in direct contact with other people.


These seminars and individual sessions have been specifically designed to help you:

  • develop your own presence and self-focus
  • listen to what your body tells you
  • manage your energy during sessions with clients
  • trust the process
  • learn empathy
  • use your intuition and learn to read between the lines
train the trainer

What should you expect?


Every coaching session is individually tailored to fit your goals.


Individual sessions take no more than two hours. The length of the coaching process as a whole will vary depending on the personal and professional objectives you have set yourself … and your current progress.


The frequency of the sessions depends on your availability and your commitment. Every coaching process is personalized and adapted to meet your needs and circumstances.