Horses & Stress Relief


«An interactive, somatic, emotional and cognitive experience based on the HeartMath Method®»

Why horses?


Happy horses live in the present moment and can detect whether or not you are present; they will only connect with you when you are truly present. That is, when your body is relaxed, when you’re not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow and when you let your expectations go.


  • A natural space where you’ll learn to counter the emotional imbalance and stress of the everyday pressures, tensions and worries you face.
  • A brief, unusual and exquisite experience that teaches you a new way of looking at and observing yourself and feeling through the horse.
  • A facilitator who respects the entire activity ecosystem and the diversity of participants, including their individual flow, silences, reactions.
  • Small groups so that you feel like an active participant in the activity.
  • A different, quick and simple way to manage your stress and emotions and do something that has a real impact on your wellbeing, energy and vitality.

Why the HeartMath Method?


The horse plays a fundamental role in helping us to understand our stress levels and it invites us to enter a greater state of cardiac coherence and self regulation. They act as heart-rate sensors and their presence helps us achieve greater inner peace.




  • Through biofeedback systems created by Heart- Math, it is possible to measure this imbalance, as well as the entire process of change until achieving balance once more.
  • It is measured through the heartbeat, not using traditional heart rate or electrocardiogram methods but through the heart rate variability, which is a mirror of your system’s activity.




  • Coherence is the state in which your heart, brain, and nervous system are synchronized, which has an immediate impact on your mental, physical, and emotional health.
  • It is a state of peace, presence and revitalization that improves performance, health and emotional wellbeing.


«The heart holds the key to our emotional intelligence»


¿What will you take from it? 


Hands-on learning with horses; theoretical training sessions; group and individual dynamics; spaces for reflection and experiences in psychosomatic coaching.


  • Learn to find balance. Understand how stress mechanisms work.
  • Identify your “stressors”, or sources of stress, and understand their emotional impact on your immune, endocrine and nervous systems.
  • Master and apply simple, fast and effective techniques to manage stress and anxiety and increase your personal capacity for recovery.
  • Improve your quality of sleep, active-listening capacity and presence.
  • Enter a state of calm with greater ease, even in stressful situations.
  • Experience inner peace to take more and better decisions.
  • Increase your capacity for empathy, compassion and intuition.

Methodology, modality, duration and investment


Format: Face-to-face.
Where is it done? Cardedeu, Barcelona.
Finca “Los Carbayos” AP92 Can Peligri SP-08440, Cardedeu.
Next edition: Dates in 2023.
Hours: de 9,30 a 17,30 horas.
Investment: 150€ p/participant.