«Leadership without authority» at «haras nationaux Suisse»

«Working with Eliane and horses is a truly extraordinary experience learning about personal leadership in the most direct, unfiltered way possible.

Trabajar con Eliane y los caballos es un aprendizaje  sobre el liderazgo personal en la manera mas directa posible y sin filtros.

Todos los grupos que he tenido la suerte de traer a los cursos que ella lidera ganan inmensos «insights» y como están percibidos por las demás personas.

Everyone in the groups I’ve had the pleasure to bring to the workshops she leads gain tremendous insights into themselves and how they are perceived by others.  It is an amazing opportunity for growth and I highly recommend it for anyone. – Nadine B. Hack, Executive-in-Residence, IMD Business School and CEO, beCause Global Consulting, named one of Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior»

In negotiation, many of the leadership traits we learned this day are helpful and some are necessary. Perhaps the most important are decisiveness, initiative, knowledge, endurance,  and tact. Without those, we would be hard-pressed to reach agreement with the other party. The horses learned us to do it in a calm and confident way and manage our energy.

Maria Pejter  (Senior Director Head of Group Talent Management A.P. MOLLER – MAERSK A/S Denmark) :

«Single most impactful self awareness intervention I have had in years.»

Daniela Murelli (Head of Corporate Social Responsibility- Sanpelligrino, Nestlé waters, Italy) :

«very good listening and interesting exchange of perspectives.»