Coaching with horses, methodology

Why horses?


Horses are highly sensitive. Like a flawless mirror, they perfectly reflect your actions and your true nature, not your words or conscious thought. Much of what is challenging in human relationships also takes place outside the realm of rational processing – which is why it is essential to know yourself in depth.

Working with horses offers insights beyond those of any theoretical course.

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How it works


Horse-assisted coaching takes place in a three-way relationship: you, the horse, and the coach (also known as an equine facilitator).

This triangle is essential to developing awareness for the dynamics or your social interactions, your personal boundaries and your communication style. The benefits of this experience will guide you towards natural leadership, emotional well-being and successful self-management.

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Experience the experience


By offering a strong and profound experience, we can help you create new connections between old mental blocks and helpful new attitudes.
That’s because things we experience are much more easily recalled than those we are merely told or shown. One study showed that three months after an event, we remember only 10% of what we are told, and only 32% of what we are told and shown … but a remarkable 65% of what we experience.


What does it consist of?


Stronger emotions during an event we experience  – and the mental processing of it – give it more prominence when it is recorded in our “memory base”.
We can use this natural tendency in our coaching with horses, experientially building behaviours and thought processes that allow you to reach your goal.

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