Authentic Leadership Strategies


Presence, cooperation and purpose


“High-impact outdoor training”


A spontaneous, interactive, stimulating and effective activity: Standing next to a 700 kg horse surrounded by nature is bound to make an impression and open your sensory channels. These animals are highly sensitive and authentic. They have a knack for making all that mental, technological and artificial noise we’re subject to on a daily basis just vanish. Connecting with horses offers proof of our self-confidence and our ability to nourish that of others.


Authentic Leadership Strategies is a type of high-impact outdoor training that uses horse-human interaction to generate presence, cooperation and flow in work teams, as well as a clear sense of belonging, group unity and shared purpose.

Coach with horses
Coaching with horses - Grow

When we learn with horses, we:


  • Receive immediate and honest feedback.
  • Reconnect with our true nature.
  • Learn to use frank, direct language: horses either cooperate or they don’t.
  • Achieve fluid communication, free of filters and preconceptions.
  • Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs.
  • Encourage authentic, conscientious and transformational leadership.



Authentic Leadership Strategies grants leaders and teams to chance to:


  • Face their fears to become travel companions.
  • Reduce stress levels to make intelligent decisions.
  • Practice situational leadership to adapt to any circumstances.
  • Boost self-confidence to project and inspire that same courageous energy in others.
  • Manage mind-body coherence to communicate with greater clarity.
  • Identify the roles of each team member to enhance their natural talent.
  • Understand the impact of emotions to prevent them from altering our behaviour.
  • Create a collaborative work dynamic to achieve a cohesive, motivated, committed work team that is aligned with its objectives.







Hands-on sessions for individuals and groups:

Practice-based content.


  • Information about how the herd works.
  • Leadership and cooperation.
  • Bodyscan and mindfulness.
  • The four steps to “Being Present” at any moment.
  • Situational leadership styles: directing, participatory and supporting.
  • Emotional intelligence and needs.
  • Resilience under pressure: breathing.
  • 360º debriefs and feedback.



A workshop that will make a mark. This activity allows companies to:


  • Initiate a process of continuous improvement in which every voice is heard, respected and valued. Deepen the sense of belonging and, in turn, the group’s commitment and collaboration.
  • Improve the internal climate: achieve more unified, motivated and proactive work teams.
  • Enhance the quality of communication: restore structural dialogue in all directions.
  • Establish quality circles based on humanisation, efficiency and sustainability.
  • Revitalise organizational health through the understanding that companies are living organisms that can learn, grow and change.



Distinctive value:


  • Our workshop is available in four languages: Spanish, English, German and French.
  • We are flexible and adapt to the company’s needs (session content, workshop duration and/or number of participants).
  • Our methodology is designed to respect the horses: their feedback throughout the training session is crucial and their essence offers the distinguishing touch (they are irreplaceable).



Formats, duration, investment and place:


Corporate · Companies Investment: € 230 + VAT per participant (up to 7 participants) / € 240 + VAT per participant (up to 15 participants): Conference between € 1600 and € 3600 + VAT to be agreed according to needs. Duration: Day from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Place: Grow With Horses, Barcelona • Finca “Los Carbayos” AP92 Can Peligri SP-08440 Cardedeu.


Professionals · Open Day Investment: € 190 + VAT (7 participants max x Day). Duration: 1 Day from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Place: Grow With Horses, Barcelona • Finca “Los Carbayos” AP92 Can Peligri SP-08440 Cardedeu.


Each horse coaching session is custom designed to suit your goals.

Individual sessions never last more than two hours and their rate is 85 euros (VAT included). The entire duration of the coaching process depends on the personal and professional goals you have set for yourself and how you progress towards them.


After the first session you can opt for the 3 session package (250 euros VAT included) or choose the option of the 5 sessions (410 euros VAT included). Wanting to improve requires your time and the right commitment. The frequency of the sessions depends on your availability and your level of commitment. 


All coaching processes are personalized and adapted to your needs and circumstances.