Apprenticeship in Psychosomatic Coaching with Horses


“Professional specialization”



What does it consist of?

Beyond the substantial differences in the exercise of their profession, facilitators, coaches, psychologists, educators, consultants, among, share a noble common denominator: helping, accompanying, guiding and guiding people in the processes of growth, change, personal improvement and transformation. It goes without saying that each specialization nurtures the professional with knowledge to face the most varied situations; However, it is always possible to improve the skills in the exercise of the activity since deepening the presence, the capacity for active listening and the connection with the clients in the work environments, is invaluable.

The professional specialization as Facilitator of Psychosomatic Coaching Sessions with Horses is a Certification and Personal Growth program that offers participants a guided experience of meaningful learning in a natural and safe environment. The presence of the horses is significant given that through the interaction with them and the energy of the present moment, key, unconscious and revealing information emerges. GROW WITH HORSES is an experience whose inexorable principle is that of deep personal self-transformation and subsequent certification, after finishing the professional practices and integration of learning.



In this program the following aspects are experienced, processed and analyzed:


  1. Presence · Consciousness.
  2. Authenticity · Leadership.
  3. Limits · Communication.
  4. Energy · Emotions.
  5. Congruence · Connection.
  6. Intent · Intuition.

We want to accompany people towards their freedom and happiness

GWH Certification

In 3 sequential and integrative levels:

Level 1: Be present, be connected.

The quality of our presence is usually “the difference that makes the difference”. It represents our ability to enjoy life and do the things we truly want to do. Being present is akin to “feeling alive”. It’s linked to creativity, connection and the joy of achieving a flow state.




  • Become more open and connected to yourself and others.
  • Improve your ability to be present and reduce stress levels.
  • Learn to cope with conflict situations with greater focus and serenity.
  • Boost your energy, creativity, generosity and ability to flow.
  • Gain inner peace so you can take more efficient decisions.

Level 2: The journey towards your authenticity.

Exploring your own mind is the only way to expand awareness of the barriers and beliefs you have acquired during your life and which limit your potential. Learning to distinguish your most authentic self from your false self is the main objective of this journey toward your deepest desires.




  • Discover your most authentic self.
  • Explore how emotions impact your behaviour and are expressed in your body language.
  • Understand emotions as a source of information for better self-management.
  • Develop emotional intelligence by recognising physical sensations.
  • Channel energy to communicate more effectively.

Level 3: The leadership wheel.

Leadership is a responsibility and a gift waiting to be discovered. A good leader moves from a place of comprehensive awareness, relates to others with authenticity and courage, and lives and works with a deep sense of purpose.




  • Develop your vision and capacity for observation.
  • Lead consistently, without using physical force.
  • Experience various natural leadership styles.
  • Increase your self-confidence and learn to nourish that of others.
  • Lead yourself in order to lead others.

Group Sessions (optional)

Participants who receive certification in Psychosomatic coaching with horses for individual sessions can choose to complete additional practices and specialise in group sessions as well.

If you want a truly transformative change that causes a before and after in your life, we will be happy to accompany you towards a fuller and more meaningful life!

Participants will learn:


  • How individual psychosomatic coaching sessions with horses are designed.
  • The attitude, skills and ethics of GHW coaches.
  • The process of coaching and the action plan.
  • Self-limiting beliefs and powerful questions.
  • How to interpret the horse-human relationship through visual and sensory cues.
  • Natural and intuitive methods for choosing, managing and caring for horses.
  • Basic ethology of horses.
  • How to create suitable spaces for learning with horses.

An experiential adventure full of acceptance, love and respect


Start Level 1: Personal Transformation (6 days).


Dates in 2023: Presence (Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.).

Dates in 2023: Authenticity (Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.).

Dates in 2023: Leadership (Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.).

Start Level 2: Practice · Certification (4 days).


Dates in 2024 (2 weekends from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. both days).



Intensive apprenticeship in 5 to 9 days (twice a year):

Contact us to view options.

The cost of the apprenticeship program:

Facilitator in Individual Psychosomatic Coaching Sessions
(first 2 levels cumpulsory)


3.120€ + VAT
¡Early Bird!  2.890€ + VAT


Facilitator in Psychosomatic Group Sessions


1010€ + VAT
¡Early Bird!  820€ + VAT


This investment includes:

  • GWH Certification Costs.
  • Guaranteed participation in all the activities and dynamics of the course.
  • Supervision, Mentoring and advice during and after the training.
  • Carrying out the sessions in a private and intimate environment equipped with the necessary conditions for said activity.
  • Possibility of carrying out the certification session on the same farm at no additional cost. Didactic materials.
  • Soft drinks and “cookies”.
  • Necessary insurance for participants.


Free prior interview, to confirm that the participant’s profile fits into this training. The duration of the interview will be half an hour and may be in person or via Skype.

The places will be granted once we receive by email the corresponding bank receipt of a reservation of 50% of the full amount and the order of arrival of said mail will be respected. 15 days before the start of the course, 100% of the course will have to be paid.

Cancellation refund. 100% refund of the amount of 3120 euros + VAT paid up to 15 days before the course start date and 50% until the course start date. After this date, it cannot be reimbursed out of respect for the inconvenience caused to the other participants and the prepared training team.

The “Early Bird” option can be paid in one or two 50% payments, the first 4 days after the first verbal contact with the center, the second 15 days before the start of the course. There is no refund but it can be integrated into the following training with its corresponding dates.

The center reserves the right to cancel if the groups do not exceed 5 participants. In this case, those responsible for the training will proceed to the full and immediate refund of the training costs already paid by the students.

Contact and location


Eliane Bernard
Finca “Los Carbayos”
Can Pelegrí
08440 Cardedeu
email: eliane@growwithhorses.com


We are 5 minutes by car from Cardedeu, with easy access by train (RENFE), motorway (AP7) and national road (N-340). Hostel services, restaurants in the vicinity.