Mentoring Program Online


«Professional development and specialization 100% online»



What does it entail?

3 keys to Mentoring


1. Nobility: Is there anything more noble than the desire to share all your knowledge

for the greater good of the profession? Specific bits of know-how to turn others into better professionals.


2. Accessibility: While the expert is the one who transfers their knowledge of a particular activity, they’re not rigid about the procedure but open to receiving and answering all the apprentice’s doubts.


3. Experience: The mentor shares all their professional knowledge and baggage -stumbling blocks and achievements- in a practical way so the student can learn, internalise and make practical and effective use of it.


«Mentoring is the offering of advice, information or guidance by a person (the mentor) with the expertise, experience, specific knowledge and skills, which are of use to another individual, in order to promote his or her personal and professional development».

Harvard Business Essentials.

Methodology and scope:

Program Structure 100% Online


Mentoring is a useful and practical way to successfully take on a start-up, development and/or specialisation process.

1. Activation: Get Start.
Outline your profile.
Identify your space and insurance needs.
Determine what kind of horses you will need.
Make a list of your clients.
Plan your marketing strategy.

2. Positioning: Find your niche.
Identify your vision, mission and values.
Establish and clearly define your speciality.
Find your distinctive value.

3. Design: Create your activities.
Make a list of and describe your activities and exercises.
Establish the objectives and action plan.
Define the number of participants for each activity.
Ensure you fully understand basic horse care and that your horses always receive it.
Outline the profiles of any assistants and assistant coaches required.

4. Follow-up: Lean on your role model.
practical support, feedback and exercise supervision.
Find your specific way of interacting with clients.
Receive guidance in complicated and/or stressful situations.
Establish a list of interesting international contacts.


Who’s it for?

Aimed at ongoing practice


Professionals certified in coaching with horses.


Professionals specialised in personal growth activities, stress reduction programmes and/or professional development programmes for business people, managers, etc.


Professionals who are just getting started and need personal guidance to start working in the field of coaching confidently and safely, especially when carried out with horses.


Modality, Duration and Investment

Modality: Online Live.
Personalized, progressive and practice-oriented learning.

· 10 sessions 1 hour each: € 1.250 + VAT.
· 5 sessions 1 hour each: € 670 + VAT.

Spanish, English, French, German and Luxembourgish.